How can I use SureFocus to stay notified about a project?

Often teams will create several Google Drive folders or Evernote notebooks for a project, including those that might be shared with other project teams and customers, and may also create several Evernote tags. The folders and notebooks contain the project-specific notes, while the tags can be used to associate relevant notes in notebooks outside of the project's notebooks.

To get notified about changes to any of the documents in these folders and notebooks, or associated with these tags, you'll create a channel by clicking on the gear icon on the initial SureFocus channels screen. From there, click on Create Channel and enter a name for the new channel, typically the name of your project. You can then specify the Notification Type, Notification Frequency and the Folders, Notebooks and Tags to monitor for this channel. Once you've done this, you'll begin getting notifications whenever a document relevant to your project changes, and you'll be able to access these items from SureFocus' channel screen.

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