Some key SureFocus concepts

Here are a few key concepts that can help you get started with SureFocus.

  • Channels let you choose which Google Drive folders and Evernote notebooks and tags you want to monitor, as well as how and how frequently you want to be notified. For example, you might have a project that utilizes 3 Google Drive folders and 1 Evernote notebook and want to be periodically notified of any documents and notes that are updated in these locations. Another example would be if you have an Evernote tag called "Notify [your name]" and want to be notified whenever an Evernote note that is assigned that tag is updated.
  • Notification Type can be either email, or push notification to your iOS or Android device. Continuing our examples, you might want to have an email sent to you for the 3 folders and 1 notebook you're monitoring for that project, but want to receive a push notification whenever an Evernote note with the tag "Notify [your name]" is updated.
  • Notification Frequency allows you to get notified either weekly, daily, hourly or every 5 minutes for changes to items in your channel. For our examples, you might want the email going to you for the project items you're monitoring to be sent to you on a weekly basis, but want SureFocus to check for updates to notes with the "Notify [your name]" tag every 5 minutes.  
The SureFocus app also provides a channel screen that shows you all of the documents and notes being monitored in a channel, sorted chronologically by when each note was last changed. Use this view at any time to see recent changes to items in a channel and then click on a listed item to open it in its appropriate application for further review or editing.
To get you started, when you authorize SureFocus to connect to a cloud service, we set up a few channels for you so you'll begin getting notified right away. The specific channels we automatically create will differ from user to user and are based on the folders and notebooks that were updated most recently.
To change the settings of your channels, or to create new channels, press the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the initial channels screen. You can also change the settings for a particular channel by clicking the gear icon in the channel screen for that channel.

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